VERIZON Super Bowl - Who's Gonna Win

Who's Gonna Win?
Leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, Verizon wanted a digital program that would play into the rivalry of NFL fans. We presented them with a diverse campaign that allowed football fans to get into the Super Bowl conversation, while also giving them an outlet for hometown pride.


Twitter Promotion
To get the ball rolling, we promoted the program on Twitter and Facebook with pre-roll and posts.
We then compiled the answers and put it on a website, showing which parts of the nation were pulling for which teams.



To hook more engaged fans, we teamed with North Kingdom of Stockholm to develop two games around the program. Users could affect the map and paint the town in their team's colors.

Zip Code Capture
On mobile, fans could dive deep into the map and try to claim any zip code for their team by out-tapping whoever was in the lead. 

Spread Your Fandom
We also added a Google Street View function to stoke the flames of fan support and rivalry. Fans could type in any address, find the house or building, then decorate it with a variety of team paraphernalia. Fans used it to antagonize rivals by putting their own team colors on a rival fan's house.